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Are you working hard for your business? Therefore, it is important to protect it well. Its stability depends on you as much as the financial security of your family.

Insurance Groupe Concorde offers commercial insurance for a variety of small, medium and large companies located in Quebec. This includes our commercial bonds we offer to protect the interests of your business.

Under commercial insurance, we insure:

  • Large enterprise

  • Medium-sized enterprise

  • SME (small or medium-sized enterprise)

Branches of activity:


  • Agriculture

  • Construction 

  • Industry

  • Maritime

  • Real estate

  • Retail sector

  • Services sector

  • Transport

  • Other activity sectors (e.g. repair and maintenance of vehicles)

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Our coverages to protect your property

❯ Building

❯ Business interruption

❯ Cargo 

❯ Content

❯ Contractor's all risk insurance

Contractor's equipment

❯ Equipment            

❯ Hardware

❯ Merchandise

❯ Office supplies

❯ Rents

❯ Tool floater coverage

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Our coverages to protect you against crime

❯ 3D crime protection

❯ Inside/outside theft (money only)

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Our coverages to protect your legal liabilty

❯ Civil general liability (CGL)

❯ Directors and officers liability (D&O)

❯ Environmental and pollution liability (PL)

❯ Legal liability for premises only (OLT)

❯ Professional liability (E&O)

❯ Tenant's legal liability (TLL)

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Our endorsements for your insurance policy

❯ Coverage extension

❯ Earthquake

❯ Exterior signs

❯ Flood

❯ Glass

❯ Sewer backup

❯ Specific deductible for water damage

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Our coverages to protect you from equipment breakdown

Equipment breakdown


Data compromise

Perishable merchandise

Commercial bonds available :

  • Collection agency

  • Consumer protection (itinerant merchant only)

  • Contractor's license (RBQ)

  • Driving school

  • Guarantee of new residential buildings

  • Private security ($10 000)

  • Sale of used vehicles ($100 000)

  • Travel agency

To learn more about the coverages and the commercial bonds offered or to get a quote, contact

our specialized brokers in commercial insurance now!

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